Whooooops, heat wave gone…? No worries, we now have hot Udon/Soba!!

Summer’s gone…?? Tell me about it… England… they might have been there just for FA final…?
But no worries! We are now ready to serve HOT udon/soba to warm you up to motivate yourself to work 3 more days till your next holiday! 😉
Let us introduce our new menu here!

It’s the hot Udon/Soba we normally don’t serve in summer time and it comes with Wakeme (sea weed) in hot soy based soup. And… we are thinking of serving Tororo konbu with it…!

Some people might find it bit too strong, so we serve it as a side just in case! (I would go with it though~)

Oh, and just to let you know, we have been updating our Menu page with loads of pics as we thought it might be hard for you all to visualise our written menu. So pls fill your stomach with it for now and come around when Sun’s up!