Debut of Genmai Cha latte!!

By toconoco / 24/04/2016

New new new! Now Gemain Cha Latte is joining our creative Toconoco latte selection! Bit less caffeine than Matcha Latte. So our line up is: -Black Sesame Latte (zero Caffeine) -Houjicha Latte (tiny bit of caffeine) -Genmaicha Latte (normal caffeine) -Matcha Latte (strong caffeine) You can pick any of those depending on your mood. Have […]

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Houjicha Latte, we are the only place serves in London!

By toconoco / 17/03/2016

I know now even Starbucks sells good matcha latte so it’s not special. So we INVENTED ourselves a new drink called HOUJICHA Latte!! This is a totally unique flavour of Japanese tea and a lot less caffeine than Matcha Latte. Where can you get this? No other place in London surely and not even Japan […]

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Thanks for joining us for the Sake night!

By toconoco / 05/10/2014

Thanks all for your participation!! We had really good feedback and Sake breweries are also really happy to have had this event. Hope we can do it again…!

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Yeaaaahhhhh!! Now we have sake with us!!

By toconoco / 22/09/2014

So…. now they are the bottles we have to drink up on the night!! We got more than we expected… ummm… can’t wait…!! Still some seats left so if you are interested, pls give us a mail~ xxt  

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3 sake breweries on Japan Map!

By toconoco / 16/09/2014

Yes… we have really long islands so guess it’s bit hard to imagine where those bottles from. We marked on the map so you could see how wide ranged regions they are from! Also those regions are really famous for sake brewery in Japan. Good rice and good water are the essentials to make good […]

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Toconoco Night! 7 top-end Sake tasting + self rolling sushi!!

By toconoco / 15/09/2014

Hellooooo!! We are finally announcing our own night here! 7 top-end sake introduced by exporter from Tokyo. She picked amazing 7 bottles from Japanese local breweries just for this night. There will be… 7 sake tasting + Japanese special nibbles and Sushi dinner will follow! (You will have to come with your stomach empty to […]

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