Yup, We are BACK!!!

By toconoco / 10/09/2018

yup, we spent whole summer to recover from the fire incident, but now we are back finally..!!! pics from our season2 launching party, thanks for joining us!!!!!! xxxxx (c)Kazuki Takahashi, all the rights reserved

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3yrs anniversary party, COME!!

By toconoco / 31/03/2017

So… again, we are planning to have another give away night!! Free food till it runs out (Sushi, Tenpura, Karaage, Salads, etc, etc..) Also Karaoke if you fancy singing, plus open mic!! Bring your appetites or instruments, then eat, drink and sing/dance!! RSVP?? No way, we don’t really want to know who’s coming as we […]

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Valentine’s day popup!

By toconoco / 12/01/2017

Menu, price etc will be announced next week!

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Pop up course menu, announced!

By toconoco / 03/11/2016

Menu *(M) with meat or meat stock ”Early Birds” 19:00-21:00 – Yakitori (M) – Salad – Fried Mochi in soup (Agedashi Mochi) – Japanese Mix-veg Pancake (M) (Okonomiyaki) – Tempura – Sukiyaki (M) – Curry on Udon (M) – Dessert “Mature Stars” 21:00-22:30 – Sake tasting – Variable veg+fish sausage in soy stew (M) (Oden) […]

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Japanese Izakaya meal “Ohashism” on 10, 11, 12 of Nov!

By toconoco / 28/10/2016

Toconoco collaborates with DENBAK FANO Design in Tokyo to invite Samurai chefs from Michelin star Osaka restaurants for pop up events at our space! Ohashi means chopsticks in Japanese, so we made up the word OHASHISM as a way to introduce our special pop up here at Toconco. Sushi? No no, it’s too cliche…! The […]

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By toconoco / 22/04/2016
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4th of December, Supper Club at Toconoco!!

By toconoco / 21/11/2015

Look at those amazing pics of plates you could have that night! KengKeng presents her famous supper club at Toconoco from Dec, 38.00 per person for 15 Chinese Vegan course…!?!? Unbelievable… oh also BYOB so anything you would enjoy drinking with it, bring them with you!! Below, the menu list from one of her nights […]

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POPOPOPOPOPOPPPPP UP!! This time “Miso” flavour added!!!

By toconoco / 04/11/2015

As well as standard Shoyu and Shio tonkotsu, this time Monohon have “Miso Tonkotsu” on board!! You know what…? This is the most popular soup and our favourite, especially in… winter!!! Lovelovelove, GOD, cant wait ;).. Please Monohon Website for ticket OR Come and ask us at Toconoco at the counter!!

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Pop up Ramen shop by MONOHON 2nd round!!

By toconoco / 10/08/2015

Thanks for coming to try our ramen new star last month! And so sorry to hear that so many of you could not get tickets… You can get the tickets HERE !! Also this time, the amount of tickets @toconoco are doubled, so come down and get one before it’s sold out again!!! ;)))))

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POP UP RAMEN at Toconoco on 23rd JULY!!!

By toconoco / 13/07/2015

Hello! We decided to do our first pop up shop at Toconoco to introduce our national (?) food, yes, RA———MEN!! MONOHON RAMEN will introduce white tonkotsu soup ramen (unusual in London!) on 23rd of July, 6:45pm-9:00pm. If you come from Hertford Rd, the metal gate might be closed by then so please call the shop on […]

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