4th of December, Supper Club at Toconoco!!


Look at those amazing pics of plates you could have that night! KengKeng presents her famous supper club at Toconoco from Dec, 38.00 per person for 15 Chinese Vegan course…!?!? Unbelievable… oh also BYOB so anything you would enjoy drinking with it, bring them with you!!

Below, the menu list from one of her nights (it might be a bit different but it’s to give you an idea of the amazing courses you could have there…!)

Don’t miss it – get tickets from HERE

Lazy Tofu
YunKeng Dumplings
Da-Lo-Bo Salad

Kunming Cold Rice Noodle Salad
Pickled Chive Blossom and Burmese Bamboo with Potato Si
Wild Tree Bark and Moss Salad

Banana Blossom in Tomato Bath
Red River Smoked Aubergine and Pepper
Steamed Lotus Roots
Ma-Keng Tofu
Chrysanthemum Greens Salad
Dian Fried Rice Cakes
Dai Style Banana Leaves with Wild Mushroom

Purple Rice Pudding
Pineapple Bite
Yunnan Pu’er Tea