Japanese Izakaya meal “Ohashism” on 10, 11, 12 of Nov!


Toconoco collaborates with DENBAK FANO Design in Tokyo to invite Samurai chefs from Michelin star Osaka restaurants for pop up events at our space!

Ohashi means chopsticks in Japanese, so we made up the word OHASHISM as a way to introduce our special pop up here at Toconco. Sushi? No no, it’s too cliche…! The idea is to let them improvise with ingredients we can get within walking distance from us to create a luxury Izakaya meal in a domestic setting!!


**Those samurai chefs serving us those nights are Don Corleone of Osaka food Scene : Minoru Matsunaga, Dashi Master : Kentaro Murakami, Yakitori God : Hideo Takeda (left to right in the above picture)

**some of their restaurants have recently got a star from the Michelin Guide Tsuru To Kame (http://gm.gnavi.co.jp/shop/0220172741/map/) Kosai Fukumimi (http://gm.gnavi.co.jp/shop/0220172520/map/)


**Interested? How can you experience it? Here’s how…!!

“Early Birds” (10th, 11th, 12th)
:19:00-21:00 High-End Izakaya style, 8 plates course (BYOB)
Plates will be announced in a week. 50.00 GBP (20 seats limited)
(discounted price of 35.00GBP 0n 10th, because of filming for the event)

“Mature Stars” (11th and 12th only)
:21:00-22:30 Sake tasting with several plates of typical Japanese nibbles
PLUS “samurai chef’s talk” 18.00 GBP (20 seats limited)

**Wanna have both? Sure, you can have them both for 60.00GBP

**How to reserve/pay? At the moment, at our cafe only (cash in advance)