Whooooops, heat wave gone…? No worries, we now have hot Udon/Soba!!

By toconoco / 20/05/2014

Summer’s gone…?? Tell me about it… England… they might have been there just for FA final…? But no worries! We are now ready to serve HOT udon/soba to warm you up to motivate yourself to work 3 more days till your next holiday! 😉 Let us introduce our new menu here! It’s the hot Udon/Soba […]

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Lunch menu for this week!

By toconoco / 19/05/2014

As you know we are having great hot weather here. We would like to introduce Japanese traditional lunch noodle for summer. Starts from tomorrow, and Udon and Soba are both available!! £5.50 for Udon (with sesame based dip) £5.80 for Soba (with soy source based dip) Hope this would fit to your plan for lunch […]

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Today’s test cooking

By toconoco / 26/03/2014

White radish (Daikon) stake with butter soy sauce 🙂

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Today’s cooking

By toconoco / 21/02/2014

Pumpkin croquette with soya cream sauce!

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Today’s baking

By toconoco / 20/02/2014

Matcha with salted cherry blossom and black sesame biscuits!

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