- opening hours?
We have no bank holidays, but only ‘TUE’ off.
Mon-Sun / 9:00-17:30
Tue              /      closed

- dinner? lunch?
we only open during the day time(opening hours) but sometimes having popup evening event, so pls follow us on instagram to catch up our up-coming event!!


– what kind of menu do we have?
please check our menu page here!

– any vegetarian menu?
we changed the soup from fish base to seaweed one so all the noodle soups are now vegetarian friendly!

– is our food gluten free?
we do not have gluten free food/sweets, except rice ball, sorry

- how you can get in to our court yard from the canal/street?
yes, we are located at hidden spot on the canal so pls check out here to find us!

- dog friendly?
we love all well-behaving animals but we are kids friendly as well.
sometimes kids really afraid of your dearest… in that case we might ask you to seat bit away from them but usually all welcome unless yours are rats or crocodiles… (we still want to welcome though…)

- where else can we get your cakes?
oh… sorry its our original so you can only get it from us…

- where is the food sourced?
Everything is sourced within walking distance from our shop as our concept is to cook our local ingredients in Japanese way.

- what coffee do we use?

- where do we get our tea?
hehehe, its good tea, right? its from Sabo which is set up by our ex-cafe staff. its the best Japanese tea you can get in London, we are sure!

- where did we get our tea cups and dish plates?
Good Question!
We like uniqueness and we specially commissioning 2 ceramic artists to make our cups and plates.
Tea cups and pots are made by Japanese artist Shun Kadohashi
Plates and bowls used for our daily special are made by Plaxy Arthur
please feel free to contact them through the link above if you are interested in their work!!

Japanese Cafe