-Daily lunch set (daily main dish, rice, miso soup, small salad)
*There will be 15 portions served per day

TOASTS 3.50-4.30
-Mushed avocado with wasabi soy sauce and sliced nori
-Egg miso mayo with spring onion, sesame oil and chilli flake
-Japanese spreads (matcha butter, red bean pesto,black sesame butter)

RICE BALLS 2.20 each
-Ume (sour plum) (v)
-Salted kombu (v)
-Egg miso mayo (v)
-Tuna mayo
-Kinpira (root veg) (v)
-Pork miso
-Ebi mayo (Prawn mayo)
-Okaka (fish flake and soy sauce)
-Spicy Takana (fried spicy pickle) (v)

SOUP 1.80
-Miso soup
-Dashi soup (v)

SET MEAL 6.30-7.30
-Natto Meal (Natto, kinpira, tofu, rice, dashi soup) (v)
-Mozuku Meal (Mozuku, kinpira, tofu, rice, dashi soup) (v)

DESSERTS 2.60-3.20
-Matcha cheese cake
-Black sesame cheese cake
-Matcha blondies
-Blacksesame blondies

/COFFEE 1.80-2.50 (additional 20p for soya or ice)
-Espresso, Machiato
-Hot chocolate

/JAPANESE LATTE 2.70 (additional 20p for soya or ice)
-Matcha latte
-Houjicha latte
-Mugicha latte
-Genmaicha latte
-Black sesame latte

/JAPANESE TEA (Mug/pot) 1.80/2.70
-Green tea, Kuki-cha, Genmai-cha, Houji-cha, Aki Ban-cha,
Sannen Ban-cha, Mugi-cha, Soba-cha

/SOFT DRINK 1.70-2.20
-Organic cola/elder flower/ orange lemon,
Pomegranate, Acai Berry, Cranberry,
Still/Sparkling water

Japanese Cafe